Welcome to Palette! Our team and I are excited to journey with you into a world of flavors.

To me, food has always transcended taste to be a lasting impression or experience. My fascination with food began early, as a child in India, from picking out the fresh produce at the market from the wicker baskets of green vegetables and herbs to watching my mother create magic in the kitchen. There could be no better introduction to cuisine than the hand of my mother, flavors of hers that remain and resonate in my own cooking.

I’ve tasted the world in its many forms of richness, from different corners of India to the urban diversity of America. With time my Indian style of cooking evolved to adapt the various tastes of New York, Chicago and now the deliciousness of the South. During our consulting years , my wife and I traveled to all four corners of America which gave us tactile experience with various cuisines. Nevertheless what is food without the joy of company? My wife, Sujatha and I are blessed to have a heritage of hospitality, where we grew in homes that nurtured generosity as well. Our parents hosted pastors, diplomats and even paupers at the dinner table. Serving delicious food was a way of honoring a guest. Naturally we carried on this legacy of hosting with our family and friends, pleased with the satisfaction of loved ones enjoying the food in each others company. For each family get- together and party, my wife and I gladly cook and cater to the tastes of each member of the gathering, because this is how we express our love. The gift of love and sharing was instilled in us during our formative years in India.

This persistent passion for food and hospitality began in us a desire to make a space available to everyone, an open table, where families can sit and where friendships can begin, all in the presence of a re-imagined and flavorful cuisine. So be our guest. We invite you to create a tasty and unforgettable experience of your own.
– Calvin



Our core value stems from our family legacy of hospitality, where we take pleasure  in ensuring each of our guests experience the uniqueness of Palette and the passion we pour into our food.


We believe that it's people who make food enjoyable, because a meal with good  company creates a great memory. At Palette we want to foster a stronger sense of community one meal at a time.


We seek to offer a genuine taste of India from a culinary perspective, making every attempt to serve dishes with authentic ingredients and preparation along with our own creative twist.